Cloud Storage

Do you know there are trillions of data which users keep in their system all around the world and similarly there are unknown figure which shows that user have lost his data due to thousand of reasons.

An estimated or you can say a wild guess how much data one user would have in his system?

Cloud is the technology which gives flexibility and helps you in keeping you data on Cloud Based server which you can access anywhere anytime in the globe.

In old days people used to keep there data in multiple hard drives and Compact Disc which are more prone to lost due to multiple reasons. Now CD and large Hard Drives are replaced by Passport Drives, which are comparatively smaller in size and larger in data storage. Still Passport Drives are not much user friendly it can be under attack of Viruses and Bad sectors.

Cloud Storage have even replaced the uses of Hard drives through which user can access their anywhere and which is more secure than old ways of storage.