Edhi sb said ’’Although my plans were small they seemed to big for my size,’’i’ll sell pencills and match boxes on the streets and invest the money i earn in company shares,’’the scheme intrigued and impressed me,’’i will use half my money for the poor.’’

‘’i will build hospitals,make a factory to train and employ the poor,and bhild a village for the handicapped.’’

start small,i always reminded myself.my father often used to say,’’it is important to think without limitations’’’.

These were my favourite lines from edhi sahb reading as i found myself in the story because i’v the same ambitions like edhi sahb to help the poor and try my best for betterment of the poor.Like edhi sahb’s father my father also taught me to think without limitations.

i’m a little bit different to edhi sb in executing my plans because he thinked to sell pencils and match boxes to earn some money and then use it for helping the poor but i plan to have a job in near future and then i’ll start my own school or college and will enroll poor students for free and i also have plans to arrange a doctor who treat patients at minimum cost.


=>To learn a second language

As english is an international language so i need be fluent in english.As i’m student of science where we don’t follow the rules of language and we do whatever we want to do with it.Its been fifteen years since i’m reading and writing english but i’m facing difficulties while speaking and speaking english is the need of time as every employer wants its employes to be good at verbal communication so i decided to be good at speaking english language .

Biggest challenge was to manage my time because i’v been soo much busy in my studies i did’nt spare time to focus on this task.second challege was unsuitable environment as it’s not our mother language so people use to mock me while speaking the 2nd language. it was a good experiance to completing these tasks as i enjoyed these tasks.i’m that kind of person who loves to face challenges because i belive my perform better under stress.

i’m on the verge of achieving my goal as i believe’’where there is a will there is a way’’ and i’v found the way so i’m working hard and i may say this achievement is around the corner.So finally i’m felling satisfied that my english language will improve very soon and i’ll be saying i did it….

yeaahh i did it…