Some tips to Prohibit the Social Engineering Attacks

It’s not a big thing that how much your network is secure, the end users are always weakest links in the security series. Hackers disturbs the employees alertness and naivete, or just the bothered state of many employees in order to execute their hacking methods phishing scams through social engineering methods, all social engineering companies should stay aware of these tactics.

Here are some tips that will help you prohibiting social engineering attacks, you should also consult with an IT security administrator to get more information, the following information will also help you out you can share it with your employees to.

Don’t Click on the Link you Receive in Email from an Unknown Site

If you receive a link from an unknown website try not to click immediately on that link, whether it seems the email from your contact list. Look at the URL if it is looking distrustful, avoid to open it. If it seems as it come from any of your contact there can be something that can create problem or something unsafe and fishy, check out the email you will see that this email address is not authentic.

Block the USB Devices

Block all of the USB devices to decrease the danger of baiting. Baiting is the digital identity of the actual world Trojan Horse, where the attacker fascinate the employees by the free or make physical media (USB devices) and depend on the concern or greed of the sufferer. If they ever plugged it in they will get hacked.

Follow the ATE

The ATE stands for AWARENESS, TRAINING and EDUCATION. This is the security approach for all the employees, no worries what position and level they acquire in the company. The employees who are involve in all engineering services must follow ATE. while the C-level employees are the biggest target, their admins are the first target and vectors of the attacker.

Always keep an Eye on Automatic Downloads

While you are clicking on the links sent on websites or by emails keep watching the automatic downloads, it can be a malware reply or boost on your system. All these unusual activities must disclose to the security manager.

Author Biography

The author Yasir Soori of this article is a marketing strategist at a reputable firm. He practice the most recent and workable strategies and share with his team also. Guide them with trending dangers and advantages.