Eat that Frog pomodoro

Well, once in a while we all find ourselves procrastinating. But to us, it cant be overcome because we are avoiding this task with our own consent. No?

I have been lately doing that myself because of the busy routine i have and when I am my own, i would like to avoid work but it comes with worry too. So eating the ugly frog is better to have two ugly frogs together. Right?

Along with university i have joined Amal academy which actually gives you lots of home task. Not saying in a bady way, means lots of task that takes time to do. So how i manage it? Well like you all i procrastinate more than you do but now i challenge myself to cover my work in decided time. But mostly i do it near deadline because it helps me work fast because before 12am on every wednesday i have to submit it. I take 3 days and each day i give one hour and on wednesday i give to 2 hours to wined up all work before submission. And I am not saying wait for deadlines if you have to complete 5 assignments, no! Just before reaching to deadlines do work in pieces and decide time that how much you can offer time to the task that it will be finished till deadlines. It can be days, week, weeks or month. That is how you will not have to eat 3 frogs at a time at least.

Just as for any goal, you should set goals on daily basis to reach to the final destination. And that is how you can achieve any goal.

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