Broken film reel

He drifts into a space

Dimly lit in the unmapped part of his brain

Losing sense in his palms

He no longer feels the burden of a woman clinging onto his arms

She becomes a shadow

Meaningless and without color

What he sees is blurred hope

Eroding confusion of the present and the past, a mesh that’s coming together, but fortunately won’t last

Becoming one

Losing all spice and flavor

He’s lost

In a world he can not understand

Where no one can save him

On a mission of finding the switch

To brighten the pasted memories hanging in corners, in the backs of wavering nooks, and on asphalted corridors

What remains of her impressions, her loving affections, and her hazily dying frozen image, the one of her beautiful face, confident reflection, and damned mind blowing youthful complexion

That one, it fades.

But there’s an after taste, leftovers as the size of bread crumbs remain. Just enough to pick up again, to remember the clinging feelings attached, which then mischievously bring about pain

That warmth, that hot hot fire which wouldn’t blow out

Hazardous enough to explode his world into fragments, exposed particles, unmapped nodes of hope, mismatched and unmet

Memories he will surely forget, but stingingly remember again

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