Café Philosophique

Sit down, why don’t you have a seat
You have time to kill and I’m still here
Exchange a word with me for company
Tell me your story
Where you come from
What you want to do
Do you have dreams of a different life too

Your turn to entertain
Don’t act as if your humor is plain
Ask me a question, and then some

Let out what you’ve been holding under the pocket of your heart, there hidden in the shadow of the sun
Who’s broken it, and left it jammed with a murderous dart

Tell me more
What of her did you adore?

This is what you should have done
Left behind the misery and tried on the fine sun

But I know how it is
What you must be exposed to for you to become a rushed machine
But careful to not to become fine dust
Ashes are not visible to any of us

Rather having a sit, sipping on something like this,
it’ll give you some rusty color, favorably a flavor of sort

Bitter or sweet is better than plain and empty
Go on, why don’t you tell me
How are you enjoying a foreign soul’s artistry?