Change is inevitable.

You’re bound to walk new streets, and shake new hands.

You get older, learn what responsibilities are, and come to agreement with yourself that time management is an art.

You find you have friends, which you no longer have time to see. You argue with your family about the absence which you excuse so easily.

You come across hours that you can not utilize. When it’s time to shut off and every muscle within you feels too soft.

While you reprioritize, your friends do the same. Everyone’s directions change in gear, who to blame for not being here.

It becomes about your dreams, their dreams. Your success, their success, your pain, their pain. Your time is no longer theirs, and their time now matches someone else’s days.

The change feels alien-like, uncomfortable, and it’s not the kind of adventurous and thrilling change that everyone likes.

But you accept the beauty of life’s funnel, bow down in shavasana, and inhale deeply knowing you’re not letting anyone down as your forehead kisses the ground.

Your mind is empty from the pipeline of overdue dates, gifts and calls. For peace of mind, please applause.

You gift yourself balance. Your heart is yours and no one else’s. Your time is for your own disposal, distributed or withheld with no justification or verbal proposal.

Your body is a temple that you bow to in respect and appreciation. Your mind is a canvas that is colored with the ideas you please to chew.

It is inevitable, what you care about will change, who you care for will neither remain. The developing age of your soul will climb new heights, the loss of what does not matter gives you light worthiness to fly.

Don’t fear change. Open your arms wide and welcome it with a white smile.

Free your heart. Change is natural. Free your mind, change in rational. Free your soul, neither earthly attachments, nor forever companions can outlive this force.

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