He’s a classic,

Bewitching eyes in trance.


May I have this dance?

Lost in 24 hours of inexplicable vibes.

Take, take, take,

sleep for sacrifice.

Last one for the road,

An endless kiss to suffice

He’s a traveler,

a wild journey,

the breeze of a vacation.

حامل جواز السفر

he’s never around

أول رحلة للقمر

He’s all of art and color

He’s your favorite summer.

The sound of grounded water that’s humble, but. dancing wild after months of rain.

Music in mind.

A one of a kind thought leaving all yearly logic behind.

He’s the groove,

Wrapping your waist.

Full of Flavor,

The fountain of youth you journey to taste

He is the show.

Watch and listen to the harmony that glistens in the trail of his light.


To Follow and be followed — both baffled and mesmerized.

He’s the fall, winter and spring.

Different but consistent.

Seasonally, he’s a thing.

As the crescent grows into a full moon,

Time is the only metric, and waiting is جنون.

As grape becomes wine after fermentation,

Classic needs cultivation.

Conventionality is outdated.

He’s timeless, and an Agenda can not be stipulated.

He’s the road trip you do not plan.


It’s his soul.


Becoming of worthwhile classic.

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