Past missing

You can miss a person you used to see everyday, or miss a person that’s been gone for ages away. You can miss someone who you’ve seen a few times, or miss someone who’s standing in front of your eyes. You miss and you miss, but when the hit is continuously a miss you no longer have it in you to say I miss you.

You’ve been gone for so long now that the sharp sadness of missing you has gradually vanished. The only one who can truly understand is forever absent. I thought I would make you proud. I thought and I thought, but I don’t think you understand at all.

We meet people everyday, at least one of which is new. So many faces, so many names, god did not create 7 billion of us to coward away and hide in caves.

But as I poured out the pain of my heart into your open arms, I ignorantly expected for everything to be okay. As the words you have to say are always soft, or at least I remember them to be that way.

I guess the years took away more than you or I could count on our bare hands. But one thing is certain, those you love most can hurt you the worst. If only you can nod your head, and say yes, I’m here. Where are you dear, where have you gone to leave me in this lonely night and disappear.

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