Portrait subject

There’s a man

She don’t understand

He walks and talks as if he has a plan

He knows how to get and he gets it before she can let out the air in exhale

Pitch and score

ain’t playin’ truth nor dare

She wondered of what he thought

of her walk and her talk

Mirror reflection

Did he see her in the same light or was she just flexin’

she wrote a poem for him

showed him more

But didn’t tell him and played the dummy role

he never asks

and she never bothers

won’t break her behavioral patterns

don’t think don’t break

don’t slip don’t make a mistake

So she quit typing words

no more poems

She was left with no inspirations

Empty pages

He was her subject of art

Her expressive tongue

All written aspirations

A figure to build, tall and slender

A sound to give, pride shaking the ground

A light to color, ambiance of damned perfection

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