Public affair (Post the love y’all )

I don’t want the love of Instagram, The angled kisses, Or checked in dates. The creative honeymoon snaps, the pics and vlogs, emojis, and double heart mobile taps.

known by all, loved by all, and watched by all.

What happened to private affairs; The intimate stares. The nights you laugh so hard till your stomach churns in pain. The blushed cheeks from love so deep. The “only I get to see”, the “only I’m yours alone baby”.

What happened to chivalry, has it been replaced by patriarchy? Can he only flex his muscles in anger? Can he only smile in others company? Yes a hopeless romantic — maybe.

Why would she share the love, the time, the passionate love. Why would she share him when she can have him all to herself.

Picture this — cabin in winter storm, fireplace so warm, red blanket and burning candles till the sun rises and melts the snow. An image you can not capture is it? instead of flashing lights and counting likes; Say something funny — fall asleep laying on my tummy, then wake up and plan a life with words that paint a dream as real as the sunset we laze all day to see.

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