And, yes they should matter for the Men too

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“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” — Jimmy Carter

Let me tell you a story of a young girl

In the early 90s, a middle-class family gets a hand-me-down computer with Windows 3.1 on it. What started as the family computer for education and record-keeping, would soon turn into this young girl’s playground. After a few weeks, it was time to demo what she had learned to her father. She shows off her mastery of MS-DOS, and before her father could react, she deletes Windows (and UnDelete). …

I don’t accept this. Equality is no joke…

Have you seen the video from Melinda Gates and an amazing lineup of Comedians? You know the one where she says “According to the World Economic Forum, it will take us 208 years to achieve gender equality in the United States.”

If you haven’t seen the video, take five minutes to do so.

As a woman in her mid-30s, with a son, who has worked in Tech for 12+ years, is Latina, and a stutterer, I have experienced my fair share of struggles. Hearing “208 years” brought up a lot of emotions. …

“Knowledge is Power” is more #we than #me. Documentation helps rebalance the power deficit for all.

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Ever heard the saying “knowledge is power”? Or are you more familiar with “the more you know”? Both allude to the fact that the more knowledge you have, the more social and economic wealth you hold. Early references to such a concept date back to 1158 in old Islam texts. Thomas Jefferson would often refer to the “important truths” as knowledge is power, safety, and happiness (quote).

I had heard these sayings all my life, and it wasn’t until reaching adulthood or even motherhood that I started to question my interpretation and understanding of what it truly means or implies…

Your terminal never felt this good before

Oh my zsh logo, source

For me, like many other engineers, efficiency is hugely derived from tooling and learning as many tips/shortcuts as possible. At the top of the list is the Terminal.

The Terminal (aka the command line) is an essential tool that can be leveraged by more than just power users. The terminal, along with its underlying shell, serves as an interface for the operating system (OS) and gives you finer grain control and faster feedback. While the terminal is the mechanism for how to communicate with the macOS via text, the shell is the language or command line interface for doing so…

Because why not!


Within Software development, we use the term “hack” quite a bit. I’m not talking about security hackers, vulnerabilities, viruses, malware. This isn’t about “Mr. Robot” (great show, by the way!).

I’m referring to the kind of “hack” that you would often hear in a negative comment for a temporary solution or a band-aid that helped gain some shortcut, saving time and/or money. Within the development lifecycle, the “hack” is usually a sign that some best practice was ignored because it would either take too long, wasn’t understood, and so on. …

Spoiler: It was amazing

George R. Brown Convention Center

I fell in love with computers at the early age of 9, just three years after the internet went public. This was way before the “let me google that for you” era. I learned how to program and haven’t stopped since. I still remember my first Yahoo web directory search (= “No Doubt” the band), but I digress.

You can say, I wear my geek badge with pride.

I ended up getting my Bachelors and Masters of Science in Computer Science. Throughout my studies and career, I can remember being the only female in the room. Seeing another female/woman in…

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I have always been one of those people who nods when my parents tell me I’m special. They have to, right? I felt like it was part of the manual you got when you became parents. I know this to be a lie now, but a kid can still dream.

The older I get, the more my interests are changing. I find myself wanting to learn more about the journey of others. What did they do? Why did they do it? I love reading books, articles, tweets, blogs from strangers, who became people I look up to, sharing their struggles…

You go, Mama!

Well before my son was born, I signed up to go to a tech conference just as I had done many times. I love going to conferences for the networking opportunities as well as the ooOoo and Ahhh moments as new products and features are unveiled.

Fast forward to a beautiful baby boy in my arms and the feeling of gut-wrenching guilt as I remember I am leaving soon to go to a conference. Once I got past that part (it never entirely does), another oh-shit moment kicked in. How do I make sure I don’t jeopardize my decision to…

I am so much more than just a Stutterer. I am a Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Techie, Programmer, Gamer, Home Brewer, Cuban American, Woman. Yet, I can’t deny it (it = stuttering) is a driving force for my very essence. It guides how I act, what I think about, why I say certain things, and who I am.

I’ve been stuttering most of my life as far as I am concerned. It was first detected when I was in the 4th grade, and I was having difficulty saying “here” during roll call. The whole room fell silent until some of…

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