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NU Entrepreneurs new logo

About the Re-brand

For Spring 2020, I was the Director of Branding and Design for the NU Entrepreneurs Club (E-Club).

Entrepreneurs Club is one of Northeastern’s largest clubs with over 1000+ active members and 4 unique, comprehensive programs: Husky Startup Challenge, Tuesday Speaker Series, Engage, and Embassadors.

Despite it’s size and it’s extensive history as a student organization, E-Club has long struggled with one thing: it’s brand identity. Each year, under a new leadership team, the organization has been forced to redevelop its identity.

The constant logo changes, typeface inconsistencies, and lack of design guidelines have prevented E-Club from unlocking it’s true brand…

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Yuvraj Singh @xyvi on Unsplash

I’ll start by stating the obvious; it’s never easy letting go. Whether it’s letting go of a relationship, a habit, or a thought pattern, its just not easy. We are creatures of habit, we get used to talking to the same person every day or doing the same thing every day but that doesn’t mean it’s right or good for us, even if it once was. We get attached to these things because we start to believe they’re part of our identity. We let our identity be defined by the impermanent nature of the things around us. …

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Enveloped in gnawing sense of nostalgia, she sips her cup of milk tea, with the perfect ratio of milk to tea, just like teta used to make.

The sight of her teta (grandmother) and jedo (grandfather) sitting on their balcony on a breezy Friday afternoon quickly flashes through her mind as she reminisces the taste and flavor of her teta’s Friday sofra; tabouleh, maaloubeh, and kofta bel seeniyeh.

She thinks about the last hug she gave them or the last call she rang them, wondering when she’ll see them again.

She thinks about the times her teta screamed at her…

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Neuroaesthetics and Informative Art

“It is only by understanding the neural laws that dictate human activity in all spheres — in law, morality, religion and even economics and politics, no less than in art — that we can ever hope to achieve a more proper understanding of the nature of man.” -Dr. Semir Zeki.

The concept of beauty has been one of philosophy’s most compelling riddles. What is beauty? Is there a single set of characteristics that define it? Is beauty subjective or objective? Is it universal? What about art? What defines it? Does all art have to beautiful?

Neuroaesthetics is an emerging discipline…

Yasmeen Masri

UX/UI design & Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University.

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