Pursuit of Happiness, or Happiness of Pursuit?

An action-packed 10 days led me to this question. What is really more important?

Working in a youth-run organization for three long years, I had the opportunity to be a part of multiple teams. These teams, obviously comprised of young college people like me, worked towards certain goals, the time duration of which ranged from a month to a year. There were exactly two moments in my entire journey in this organization when I gave up and wanted to quit.

The first time happened exactly at the mid-point of my experience. Work, seniors, non-achievement of goals; all of these made me feel so exhausted, I couldn’t stay anymore. That is when someone made me realize what had made me stay there for so long already. Despite everything, I would hold on because I was happy. That day too, I stayed. Failure couldn’t stop me from doing what was giving me happiness each day. I guess, happiness of pursuit?

The second time is more recent, and more intense as well. My team of 7 and I were in the pursuit of something really huge. In the course of 10 months, only 4 of them were left. Achieving our goals was a distant dream now. Each day was another challenge, and mostly failure. But hope got us through this year as well. We hoped we would end on a happy note. This time, the pursuit of happiness.

Not really. Took me very long to realize. Exactly a week ago, looking at all my team pictures, and looking at them for together for perhaps the last time made me realize that the team was my source of happiness throughout. It took me more than a year to realize that this set of people were the real driving force, and that all I was supposed to do was to make sure they were happy. So again, the happiness of pursuit.

The last ten days were full of rejection, dejection and despair for me. The same set of people made sure I sailed through this smoothly. Be it helping me in last-minute submissions, or treating me to my favorite things. The bond is beyond an official term, I believe. And now I am sure, there is always some happiness around. The important thing is that the pursuit of something huge shouldn’t lead us to depriving our own selves of the smaller moments of happiness that come our way every now and then.

For me, it’s the happiness of pursuit. What do you think?