What 2018 is Not Going to Be

December 31st, a day haunted by empty promises. Of course, I could only speak on my own behalf , but I am sure many of you reading this have made resolutions on New Year’s Eve that seem to roll over each year like minutes on an old telephone plan. Do you ever wonder why this happens? I would like to think I am a motivated person, determined even, yet every year here I am on December 31st with nothing really accomplished… or so I thought. I’ve realized that I have actually accomplished a lot this year*! In fact, I’ve realized that the reason my new year resolutions never seem to be fulfilled is because, for one, they were outlandish to begin with (I regret to say that contrary to plan, I am still not a marathon* runner.) Secondly, I’ve realized I am a harsh critic of my own successes… go figure. So what 2018 is not going to be, is another year of unattainable goals. Here’s to a year of success, whatever the success (big or small) may be. So to go along with the trend of end of the year lists, here’s my list of my five attainable new year resolutions.

  1. Start a Business with a friend

Sophomore year, my friend, Jessica, and I decided to start a band. Sadly, the band gig was very short lived. From our first practice with our “band”, which in reality was just made up of myself, Jessica, and some guys that lived in Jessica’s dorm freshman year, I could tell that we were pretty awful. Realizing we weren’t going to be the next Rolling Stones, we went back to the drawing board and decided that we were just going to host concerts for other musicians to be discovered in Jessica’s basement. (Because as you know those that can’t do… throw concerts in basements.) At first we did this for good fun, in fact the first concert we ever hosted was on a hot summer night starring myself doing a mashup cover of Drake and Miguel songs on my ukulele and Jessica and her best friend performing some tunes they created in 2 weeks*. When we saw how many people showed up just to see us play, we realized that we could actually be on to something. Our mission and passion lies with helping lesser known artist get discovered… but making some money in the process would be nice too.

“Business is In Fact BOOMING”

2. Making Time for Friends

It is very easy to lounge around my apartment on Saturday, binge watching a Netflix original series (shout out Stranger Things) and eating complete nonsense. Life gets busy and by the weekend … I AM TIRED. That being said, I do in fact value my friendships and to be honest my friends are quite incredible. I without a doubt know some of them, if not all, will be CEOs, musicians,and politicians. I think I even have a friend that’s going to be the next Steve Jobs. So for 2018, I think I can turn off Netflix and put away the salt and vinegar chips to hang out with my friends once in a while.

“Netflix and Chill”

3. Learn to Code Anything

I can’t deny it, I am a tech nerd. I love gadgets* and I feel like investing the time it takes to be a world class programmer would help me better understand the technology used for the gadgets I already love. Right now I would classify myself as a mediocre programmer, and I don’t mean mediocrity in a completely negative way*. What I mean by being a mediocre programmer is that I can figure out my way through some simple enough coding tasks. Matter of fact, I would go as far as saying that I could probably figure my way through some medium-difficulty coding tasks. But, this goal made my top five list of resolutions because my friend said to me that the reason that I am not a better programmer is because I don’t practice the craft enough. I thought about this a lot and thought about how great athletes become great athletes or great musicians become great musicians. Every once in a while you might have an August Rush prodigy that comes out the womb playing the guitar but I can definitely say that I am not the August Rush of programming… but it is in fact something that I call my craft and that I want to make my career. So I think I am going to take my friend’s advice and practice my craft until I can fool people into believing I actually am the August Rush*of programming.

“Hard as Hell to Draw”

4. Fold my laundry out of the washing machine

This one is simple. I will NEVER fold my laundry later. In fact, i’m just going to eradicate the word later from my dictionary, because truth is “later” never comes when you are a serial procrastinator.

“Èl Laundry”

5. Stop Beating Myself Up

For all the things I promise 2018 will not be, I know some things that 2018 will be. I know it’s going to be the year I complete my junior year of college. I know I’m going to experience my last fall quarter of my undergraduate stint. I know I will have sleepless nights studying for exams. I know I’ll turn 21. I will succeed and I will fail. But even if life doesn’t give you lemons and instead gives you oranges… you can still make orange juice. And that’s still pretty good, if you ask me. May 2018 be ever in your favor*!

“When Life Gives You Oranges”


*Despite accomplishing a lot in 2017, I think the overall consensus is that it still needed to be put in rice.

*Although I am not a marathon runner yet, I actually did some pretty cool research with the Chicago Marathon.

*Even though the songs were made in two weeks they were actually pretty good.

*I especially love headphones… I have six pairs and counting.

*During this holiday break, I actually completed Codecademy’s html course,

*If you haven’t watched August Rush, you need to, it’s lovely.

*This is a Hunger Games reference.

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