Yasmina F. Edwards
2 min readOct 20, 2020


My Love Letter to Nigeria

There is power in storytelling!

Storytelling has, and continues to play a natural and intimate part of our identity, history and future — it has not only marked the genesis of Africa’s long-standing economic history but continues to penetrate borders for the purpose of advocating cultural expression and access to an otherwise divided world. In this heartbreaking context of #EndSARS and #BLM. Let us continue to point people to how great we can be — not from a place of struggle, but from celebrating the hope that comes from our collective strengths. Today, I write a love letter to Nigeria:

My dearest Nigeria,

My biggest obsession, my heritage, the most complex, strong, and powerful women in the world.

The most populated nation in Africa:195.9 million inhabitants, (1 African in 4 is Nigerian) and the biggest economy on the continent.

My ancestors are from Oyo and Abeokuta. Once upon a time, the Yoruba Kingdom aka the Oyo empire from the 15th-18th century was one of the largest empires in Africa until Europeans split Yorubaland with the British in Nigeria, the French in Dahomey now Benin and Germany in Togo.

What’s mind blowing about Nigeria is that she created an entire industry, Nollywood, solely financed through private entrepreneurship, a billion-dollar industry which has created millions of jobs.

One of her biggest achievements is that through film, she was able to flip the narrative and rebrand herself despite constant headlines about corruption and terrorism.

She is also a force to reckon with in oil, she is one of the largest producers in the world. In entertainment, besides films a new wave of musical artists (Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Davido, etc…) Afrobeat music has crossed beyond the borders of Africa.

Nigeria is the story of a resilient, defiant and bold woman in battling the challenges of the past and her future in a world that may not be quite ready for her.

We stand behind you! You can and shall rise again!



Yasmina F. Edwards

Yasmina worked with award-winning creatives, activists and CEOs. Over 9 years she has been instrumental in transitioning them to global audiences.