Your status has changed

I'm typing, I'm reading, I'm watching, I'm sleeping.

Beep. Email. College notification.

Oh. my. god.

This is it.


Your status has changed. WHAT'S THE STATUS?

I have to login?! What's my password? I don't remember, I need to find it.

my fingers keep missing the keyboard on the small iPhone screen. Darn, I should have gotten the 7+.

FUCK, what's the password??? This piece of crap.

My stomach is the size of a peanut.

Login successful.


Is this a bad feeling I'm getting? Or a good one? How the fuck am I supposed to know.

My knuckles are turning white, my nails sunken into my palms, in a tight fist.

If I don't get in, it's goodbye Boston.

“PLEASE, I BEG YOU” I said out loud, choking on my own voice.

I open my eyes.

Dear Yasmina,


erbfjqjfhbvljqeh chqveiwhbef ljnbljfbhvjqhbfvljq ef THANK YOU!

hey uni, Class of 2021, hope to see you in Fall 2017!

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