To whom (him) it will concern

I don’t expect you to be handsome. External beauty flies away with time.
I don’t expect you to be rich. I don’t value material things.
I don’t expect you to have big muscles. They are not what make person truly strong.
I will ask you for 8 things. These 8 things will make me the happiest girl on this planet. And you want me to be happy, right?

Be honest with me.

Honesty — something that I value the most in my entire life. That’s why I will never forgive your lies. Even if you are afraid that truth will hurt me, be sure, your lies will hurt me even more. If you feels something wrong between us, if you see that those dress doesn’t suits me at all, if the dinner I cooked for you was not tasty, if you, oh God, killed 5 people in the past, if your best friend/mom/sister hates me, if you cheat on me and you regret or you cheat and you don’t cause you don’t love me any more, JUST BE HONEST. I will feel down, guilty, depressed, offended, mad, broken, abandoned… I may blame you, sure, but I’ll always respect your courage to tell me the truth.

Be ready for my honesty.

I will tell you about everything what’s on my mind. Just because I will trust you. And it won’t obligatory mean that you will like it. Moreover, I’ll talk about problems we might have, point on your weaknesses, say what I find not acceptable about your habits or lifestyle. But also I will talk about things I like about you, why I’m proud of you, inspire you with your strengths. I won’t expect both of us to be perfect. But I will do my best in striving to become better. And I know you will do the same.

Share my values.

I’m almost sure it will be the easiest part. It won’t be a problem for you to share my values. Just because they’re your values too. Yes, dear, we believe in same things and you already know it. Common values are something that keep people with each other, am I right?

Challenge me.

Push me out of boarders and limits. Dare me to do crazy things. Let’s skydive, let’s go places, let’s live one year in Kenya/Nepal/middle of nowhere/Moon (underline what’s necessary). Encourage me to improve and improve together with me. Be my personal coach, my mentor, my life teacher. Empower my development, lead me by your own example. Cause you remember that we both strive to be better versions of ourselves. Not for each other, but for each of us personally.

Respect me.

Respect my decisions, my dreams, my believes, my life goals. I don’t expect you to follow my dreams unless they are your dreams too. I just ask you to understand and respect them. Be sure that I will do the same. I may even sacrifice some of them to support yours. And if I do it, respect it, appreciate it. Maybe one day will come your turn to make a same sacrifice. And if it comes, do it only if you are ready for it and tell me if you are not (remember, I wanted your honesty). We are equal and our dreams are equally important. And we are sharing the same life vision, do we?

Respect your family too.

Love your parents and siblings. Respect them. Take care of them. Cause if you don’t, how can I be sure you will respect mine? Ours?

Talk to me.

Tell me about your fears, thoughts, feelings, desires, challenges. I’m looking forward to find out about what you love and what you hate. I want to know that your favorite color is green, that you are allergic with oranges, that you find Monica Bellucci hot, that at the age of 17 you crashed your father’s car… Open your heart for me. Share with me. I fucking need it.

Believe in what you do and do what you believe in.

I want you to be happy. You fed up of your accountant job? So fuck it, let’s quit. I don’t care how much good is it payed. I don’t need this money. It won’t make you happy, it won’t make us happy. Launch your own ice-cream making company, become a singer, a taxi driver or whatever. I don’t really care until you really believe in and love what you are doing. Be sure that I support you in it. I won’t be jealous you make love with your job. I swear. You respect me and respect my believes, so why shouldn’t I respect yours?

Yours. Faithfully.

Music of the moment: Ed Sheeran — Thinking Out Loud