The Very Beginning

We are living in dynamic and fast-moving world. My generation, Generation Y, is one of the triggers to push technology forwards, and for good reasons we are called “digital natives”. We are surrounded by technology and it is no coincidence I’ve started working in the tech industry. I gained deep insights into the business and met many interesting people. I became very keen on networking and technology, business, and strategy and how everything plays together.

Today I work for a global IT service provider and enjoy my work as a Business Development Manager. We face challenges how business, industry and technology come together and how everything moves rapidly. Therefore — in my opinion — strategy within organizations is more complex and interesting now than at any time before.

As a keen salesperson, I try to learn as much as possible. I talk to programmers, designers and creatives, I follow the technology blogs and news to gain insights and understanding on how our society is facing technology on a completely new basis. I hope to share more insights of my thoughts and I hope you are going to like it!


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