I am so blessed in my life. I am always grateful for the family I got, my precious friends and of course before all my daughter. I am,as well, very lucky when it comes to my relationship with my Husband. He is such a blessing. I knew him when I was a bit young and still think he is the best choice I’ve had in my life. He is everything I’ve ever wished for. A type of Men who are hard to find. Lovable, caring, hard worker, passionate, believer and a super dad. He is a perfectionist in everything especially when it comes to dealing with me. He knows what I love, what I hate , what I want, in other words he is my soulmate. I can not describe how much I love him, I just can’t imagine my life without him. Sometimes, I try to remember how I used to do this and that without him and I simply can’t. Whenever he is around everything seems brighter. By time, I shined more and more. I believed in myself more and more. In other word, he brings the best thing out of me. He is the reason why I am achieving something I really like. He is the reason why I am happy and young. He is the reason why I always feel especial. Do you know the famous marriage vow “ in sickness and in health”, he literally proves it everyday. Sometimes all you need is to stop complaining and to look at the precious gift you have right by your side. Don’t expect perfection without working on it. By all means never take your husband, boyfriend for granted. If you know how to treat him right he will be the best partner but once you ignore, you may never have 2nd chance.

Only few are blessed and I happen to be one.


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