How to stay healthy on holiday

In the comfort of your own routine at home it can become second nature to live a healthy life, since you’re in control of most things — you can prepare you meals in advance, know the local places to go for a healthy snack and have your favourite post-workout shake or snack ready and waiting by the time you’re showered.

When travelling, whether it be for work or on holiday, it can become a much harder task to maintain a healthy routine. Try my top five tips to avoid derailing your health and fitness:-

GREENS. I know a green juice a day keeps me sane, so I try and at least get one in on the day that I’m travelling, particularly if you’re heading on a long-haul flight. Then while away I try to get in an organic salad with plenty of greens wherever I can as an alternative to beige foods. Though most cafés sell smoothies these days, not all are freshly prepared. So check the ingredients to make sure they don’t contain too much added sugar or fruit from concentrate.

SNACKS. I always have some kind of post-workout snack in my gym bag with me, and the same goes for when I travel. I pack all my favourite healthy bars and nuts in my suitcase for after the gym or a run. This ensures I won’t cave into some shop-bought protein bar laden with sugar that will upset my digestive system.

MORNING STARTS. The best way to detox your body and kick-start your metabolism in the morning is to have a large glass of water, with preferably a slice of lemon. Drink this before you have your breakfast to flush out any toxins.

I’m also a big fan of dry-brushing the body to clean away any dead skin cells before my morning shower. So if this is part of your routine, don’t forget to pack your body brush!

HYDRATE. Rushing around and sightseeing can often mean you forget the all-important water. I find the nearest supermarket and buy a 6-pack of still water as soon as I arrive to leave in my room. Do be careful of tap water in certain countries, purely to avoid stomach upsets. That includes ice cubes and also foods, like salads, washed in tap water.

ENJOY. If you do end up away and the food is nothing but the opposite of your normal routine, then unless you’re there for a rather long time then don’t stress too much. Do what you can to avoid a bad derailment before you go, research places to eat, drink and train.

The worst culprits for overeating tend to be the ‘all-you-can-eat’ hotel or restaurant buffets. We are more likely to head for seconds and indulge a little too much with these options. The same applies for when you book full or half-board at a resort. If you can’t stomach a full meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner, then don’t opt for it! This gives you more flexibility to make your own healthy choices, and also gives you the chance to get a taste of the local cuisine.

Have a happy and healthy holiday!