Top 3 UX Changes That Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

Usually, people remember not the finer details of things but the feelings that are evoked in them. The greater the feeling, more its remembrance. Maya Angelou put this beautifully — “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

People in this newly inhabited digital world are beginning to understand this. User experience and satisfaction have become tools for exploration and growth. Consequently UX is seeing a lot more development than it has ever seen before.

UX is the term used for user experience and dictates the interaction experience users have when they visit a website, web-app or a mobile app. Great UX is the difference between sites that get repeated visitors and the ones who don’t, this is turn affect conversion rates drastically.

Empowering your UX is a great way to drive your conversion rates. Web development companies in Lebanon hold the forte in this sector. With enough market experience of creating and handling some of the best websites in the world; this is the place you want to be looking for if you want to put your traffic and conversion rates on a steroid diet.

Here are some critical UX changes you can get implement from Lebanon web development companies.

1. Neat, clean and fast

Take this as a rule of thumb, whatever you do on your website has to be neat, clean and fast. No one appreciates tardiness, so you need to be fast. Having a clean design benefits you multifold — it makes the page easy to load thereby decreasing your load times; it increases clarity in communication and removes distraction thereby increasing effectiveness; it frees up space by using less elements thereby sped-fasting your UX. Collectively, it increases you conversion rates.

2. Encourage Scrolling

It does not matter what design and copy elements you choose to display on your website, encourage scrolling. Quite a lot can be done for this — using pictures that are placed such that only the upper half is visible on the “above-the-fold” space, or suing visual cues such as downward pointing arrows or other visual cues. Finish this move by appropriately placing your CTA and action button. User should feel a sense of reward when clicking on that.DO this and see your conversion rates soar through the sky.


KISS — Keep it simple, silly!You’ve done a poor job on the UX if it brings more confusion to the users than clarity. Contrary to the popular misconception, design’s primary job is to solve problems, visual appeal is an added benefit. Try to keep your UX clean, simple and intuitive; it must feel natural to the user and then very subtly you can direct your potential customer towards confirmed conversion.

Lastly remember, harmony is the key to provide a coherent, workable and intuitive UX that forces your users, albeit subconsciously, to visit your website and come back for more. So, what are you waiting for, collaborate with one of the web development companies and give your UX the facelift it needs and your website the conversion rates it deserves!

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