Research backed reasons about what Jesus, Hitler, and Obama all have in common.

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You know those people that whenever you see them you get excited, and not even because you’re in love with them, you just like being around them. Yeah, me too.

But why? Why are they so irresistible?

Here are the eight most common habits of those extremely gosh darn likable people. Grab one habit, grab them all.

1. They Listen Attentively

Charismatic people make you feel heard. They aren’t conversational narcissists. They don’t ask you questions that will turn the mic back over to them or constantly interrupt you because they like listening to their voice. They give you their full attention, treating your time and feelings with the utmost importance. …

How I learned to be a good boi too

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Doggos are our self-proclaimed best friends for a reason. They know how to love — a lot. Whenever I’m feeling down, I have this warm fuzzy being snuggling against me reminding me that even if the world is quite literally falling apart she will still always love me.

What I’m trying to say is that our fuzzy friends have a lot to teach us about love, but for the sake of time I’m going to list the top seven things my doggo has taught me about how to love better.

Love Unconditionally

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My dog doesn’t care what I look like or how much money I make— the only thing she cares about is if I give her some treats and long belly rubs. Honestly, I think she might love me even if I didn’t do those things. …

How she came back better than ever — and how your company can too

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After Lady Gaga’s third studio album ARTPOP flopped in 2013, things weren’t looking too hot for Miss Gaga. She wasn’t breaking the charts like she did with her first two albums: The Fame Monster and Born this Way. She was slowly slipping from superstardom.

But now, almost a decade later, Lady Gaga is back and better than ever. She’s even making a returning to her dance-pop roots with her sixth studio album, Chromatica. Her first pop album since 2011. And she’s not just doing enough to get by, she’s full force taking the charts back.

It’s harder than it looks

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Last year, I was hired as Amazon’s Campus Manager for my university. My job was to integrate Student Prime ads into my socials and have an on-campus presence. I sent in some sample Instagram stories after a phone interview, and boom I got the job the next day.

It was a dream come true. I got to promote a company that I loved and used, and that sold itself. It’s Amazon for gosh sake. I knew how to use social media. …

Their genius slogan opened one door but closed another

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De Beers created one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the world: “A diamond is forever.”

De Beers’ marketing managed to convince American men that to marry their dream woman they had to buy her a big old shiny diamond ring. Let’s take a quick look back at history to see how in the world they managed to do that.

Before World War II, only 10% of engagement rings had diamonds in them. After the Depression, no one was lining up to buy expensive goods. …

You can increase your score in as little as a few minutes

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Credit Scores are an extremely integral part of anyone’s financial life. Want to start a business and need a loan? You need a good credit score. Want to buy a car? You need a good credit score. Want to rent an apartment? You need a good credit score. You get it — you need a good credit score to ensure things as essential as transportation and shelter.

A credit score is a grade based on how well you pay off your credit, loans, etc. More specifically, FICO Scores are calculated using your credit data. According to myFICO, it breakdowns like this: payment history (35%), amounts owed (30%), length of credit history (15%), new credit (10%), and credit mix (10%). But to make things a little more confusing, this breakdown isn’t necessarily the case for everyone. …

So maybe quarantine didn’t completely suck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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As a graduating out-of-state college senior, I was bound to figure out this whole long-distance thing sooner or later, but with everyone in quarantine, I managed to figure some things out with a bit more efficiency.

I’ve realized that no matter how much I try to replicate in-person communication using technology — it simply isn’t the same. And that’s okay. That’s why college was so great — it was this unfiltered experience with every facet humanity. You’re shoved into these small, somewhat decrepit spaces to live life with strangers until they become your family. Your lives become intertwined. …

Sometimes it’s better to not hear some things.

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“In every good marriage, it helps sometimes to be a little deaf.” — Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Turns out being badass intellectual women isn’t the only thing my mom and notorious RBG have in common. They also have very similar viewpoints on how to maintain long and prosperous relationships.

Ever since I was a kid my mother would tell me that I didn’t have to let things go if I simply didn’t hear them.

This advice has clearly been working for my mother who has been married to my father since 1985. That is 35 years. I haven’t done a singular thing for 35 years. Not even breathing, okay. …

Even Casey Neistat was a raving fan

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Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

In the micro-mobility niche, Boosted quickly became an all-consuming brand, gaining a cult following seemingly overnight.

Boosted Boards is a California start-up bred by Stanford students. It came directly out of Stanford’s acclaimed accelerator, StartX, and their bread and butter was the electric skateboard, so much so that Boosted was almost synonymous with electric skateboards. Their product was portable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing.

Everyone loved it.

Boosted wasn’t just another skating brand marketed towards your typical California dude or dudette. It also wasn’t a high-brow tech product marketed towards your Bay Area techies. It was somewhere in between, something that was super cool and attainable. …

Instead of eating the children, simply don’t vaccinate them

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(Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash)

At first, I was vehemently against anti-vaxxers. I thought they were simpletons who stubbornly refused to veer from their fraudulent ideologies. People stuck in their old ways due to an unfounded fear of vaccinations giving their children autism. Parents who were so struck with fear and naivety that they left their children defenseless against easily preventable diseases.

But, nay. I had it all wrong. They aren’t the uneducated and selfish folk I had once presume them to be, rather they are people simply preventing their children from becoming a burden to society. Just like in Dr. Jonathan Swift’s era, the people on the radical most front line are our everyday heroes. …


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