Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson’s friendship make you wanna pack your bags to search for your ultimate gal pal

How to be Single: Reality on the screen

I don’t know if the cosmic had a part in this or this is one of those moments where life is trying to give you a talk but for the past month, a lot of things in my life have revolved around RELATIONSHIPS. Setting the story straight I am not in one. But I am a girl who has had her heart broken by guys, went through phases of crushes and even checks out the occasional hottie who works as a barista at Starbucks. So I do know love and how fucking terrible the entire process is.

Currently, my best gal is in a relationship and I am at the age where most of the people I know are caught up in some romance drama. So when a movie named “ How to be single” came out, I was a little skeptical but thought eh why the heck not. So I went to watch it expecting to be greeted with a cliche chick flick that would make you want to plan out your life with the cute boy next door. Boy, was I dead wrong cause I got something even better. Some of you might disagree with me but hear me out on this.

Based on an adaption of a novel written by Liz Tuccillo, this movie introduces us to Alice ( Dakota Johnson) as she ventures into the social community of New York City after a breakup with her long-term stud Josh ( Nicholas Braun). This movie is just an awkward combination of romance and self-discovery as I gasp, cringe and laugh with the main character and the many different people she meets in New York. Okay so up to here it still sounds like a chick flick but let me give you the breakdown of why this is so not one.

First of all, you have Alice. Dakota Johnson is not playing some pure innocent creature like she did in fifty shades of gray. Neither is she playing a confident woman who also happens to be a sex bomb. Alice is just fucking awkward. She doesn’t know how to unzip her dress, is super bad at flirting and has me cringing and laughing my ass off at all the scenarios that she gets into such as accidentally dropping your towel in a public bathhouse thus exposing your goodies to everyone but the audience. But that’s what makes her so relatable. This girl is flawed in so many ways. Some parts of the movie make her seem like a whiny bitch that you wanna punch but other times you find yourself feeling empathetic and have moments with a fictional character on the big screen. But guess what, everyone is like that, we all have our bad and good moments so in the end no matter how much you dislike her, there is definitely an Alice in all of us.

Throughout the movie, she meets all sorts of people who have different views on the topic of love and relationships. We have her best friend Robin(Rebel Wilson) who embodies the spirit of being “ single and ready to mingle” but deep down has an awesome insight of relationships and love. Then we have Alice’s sister who is a straight up career woman who freaks out once prince charming comes knocking at her door. There are also tons of other characters from the lonely singles who jump at any chance to find love to the occasional fuck boys who realize how hard it is to live a life with no strings attached. We laugh with those who find love and cry with those who lost love. We find a character who we can relate with or a scene that strangely depicts our life.

The cinematography is beautiful with the characters in stunning outfits with the chill vibe of New York City as it’s setting. The movie brings us through a rollercoaster or thoughts and emotions with the soundtrack and dialogue. But one thing that I love about this movie is its unpredictability. You never know who the hell is gonna hook up, break up or fuck up ( Literally, there is a questionable amount of sexy time since this is an NC16 movie). But life is unpredictable. The main question of the movie is who is Alex gonna be with eventually. Her ex? A fuck boy who learns to love? A man with a sad past? Well spoiler alert, she ends up with NOBODY thus the title, “ How to be Single”. Well, that’s life you meet so many amazing people but as life goes on there are many more amazing people you will meet.

And for me, that’s the main thing that I took away from this movie. That in relationships or life in general, it’s too unpredictable. You can’t be an easy-going free-spirit neither can you control the paths that you are going to take in life. You need a balance of both. And while some people might be complaining that the characters are weird and crazy, that’s what makes them so relatable and real. Everyone is crazy and weird in their own way, that’s what makes us human.

In the kaleidoscope of emotions and colors of New York City, a group of people all connected one way or another tries to make sense of love, life and themselves which is what everyone is trying to do in this world. Maybe I’m just crazy or reading too much into this but for me “ How to be Single” is one of the closest films you’ll get to reality. So, either you shy away from it cause there ain’t a single movie-perfect moment or embrace it for the awkward, flawed, rom-com masterpiece it is. ( In my solid opinion)