that crushes Passion

There’s one thing I can never understand. Why do people have to favour one skill set over another? That’s just telling some kids that some of them are smart whilst others are stupid.Reality check here,everyone is gifted in their own way at different things. I don’t understand why society has to emphasise so much on a certain skill and just chuck away the others as useless. That’s not only deluding people into thinking that a group of people are more superior than the other but also it discourages kids from pursuing their actual passions just because society doesn’t appreciate certain skills. Everyone deserves to pursue whatever the fuck they like without worrying over what others will say or think or the effect it has on their life.We should be allowed to put our energy into things that we actually love and not be forced to invest in things we don’t like.But of course that’s life and some people need that guidance in their lives.But it makes me sad to think that people who absolutely know where they want to go can be confined to the expectations and prisons of society too.