Let’s talk about people

As much as I would say that I am selectively social, the truth is I love people. I love observing them and talking to them. I love the moments that are raw and natural. I love how transparent they can be yet at the same time their eyes hold so many secrets. I love those spontaneous moments they have or when they do stupid things. I love it when people make eye contact with other people and just watch their silent interaction unfold. When people just burst into laughter all of a sudden cause they remember an incident the day before. I don’t just love the happy moments but I appreciate the sad ones too. That look people have when you know on the inside they’re crumbling apart but they’re trying to stay strong on the outside. When they finally let out their pain and anguish which results in shouts and screams and tears. When they have an almost animalistic look in their eyes when their anger goes beyond the point of logic. When they just let everything out until they can compose themselves. I love seeing people have those YOLO moments where they do the unimaginable. A teenager confessing to a crush. An adult resigning from their unhappy job in their boss face. A couple quietly admitting that they don’t love each other anymore. I live for the moments that everyone faces everyday and cherish every single one I get to witness and experience. I could pull them out of my head and create something with those moments. A song, a painting, a story, everything is inspired by these little moments. These moments good or bad lets us know that we are all human. We all feel the same things and think the same thoughts even though we might be different inside-out. Our hearts and minds aim for similar things. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was more vocal, more honest, more raw with each other. So many more beautiful moments would appear.