Perks of solo dates, even if you’re not single

Valentine’s day came and left and I spent it with the company of my friends while my boyfriend was mugging away for his finals. It was then that one of my friend’s announced that she was going on a solo date the next day. Yes everyone has heard of solo travelling and the benefits of it. But I encourage people to start on a smaller scale by going on a solo date. Whether you’re single or in a relationship solo dating is something everyone should try once in their lives.

A solo date is basically when you have a date that consists of only you and yourself. Now this is different from going out by yourself because on a solo date you have all the elements of a regular date with the exception of having company.

Firstly, you would dress up as you would if you were going on a date. But this time instead of fiddling your hair and sprucing up your outfit for the hottie that you’re gonna meet, you’re doing it for yourself. Yes, you’re doing it because you want to able to take a look in the mirror and say that you look good. This really helps with confidence especially for those that always dress up to impress others. Instead of hearing compliments from others, I think it’s more rewarding to give yourself a compliment because we are our own toughest critique.

Alright moving on to the activity of the date. Since the only person who will be there is you, you should do something that you really enjoy. This is one of the only times where you don’t have to limit and compromise for other e people so you should totally do you. A great starter would be to watch a movie alone or to just go chill at a cafe. But you can actually do anything you want by yourself and shouldn’t be worried about looking weird or other people judging you.

This brings me to my next point. If you’re solo date consists of you going to a very public place, you might make new friends. This perk applies to when you travel solo too. Going to a place alone, there’s always a chance you’ll bump into someone else whose alone too or a group of really nice people.So don’t be afraid to strike up a friendship should the opportunity arise.

All in all, I encourage everyone to try it out. Just because everyone else in your life is busy especially your significant other, it doesn’t mean that you should coop yourself at home. Go out and have some fun. Every solo date will seem like an adventure. And for all the single people out there, try it out too. Just because you don’t have the company, doesn’t mean you’re missing out.