Seven crazy ways to make your vagina tighter

What causes loose vagina? Is that possible to restore it back in a natural, Healthy safe manner? retarded cell regeneration, poor blood flow at the genitalia, menopause and childbirth especially at later age. The typical symptoms are leaking of urine or faeces while coughing, laughing, sneezing, jogging or lifting heavy weights. It is absolutely possible to restore the tightness of vagina in a natural, healthy and safe manner. In this article i am going to reveal some of the natural ways to make your vagina tight. These steps will greatly help you getting rid of the problem so that not only your sexual life become pleasurable but your daily life will also become comfortable and joyful, and I promise you for no harmful impact using these solutions.

1.Kegel Exercises

These are specially designed exercises to tighten your pelvic muscles. Kegel workout is recommended for those who have lost their grip while urinating of defecating. In this exercise you continuously tighten and looses vagina for 2 to 3 minutes and can expect to notice the change within a month’s time and these exercises can be done at anywhere, any time.

2. Ben-Wa Balls

If kegel doesn’t work well enough for you then these balls are to be inserted into the genital passage and held for a while. They are capable to reach deep inside so that they better strengthen the pelvic muscles down there. However, do not forget to consult from a genuine practitioner or a professional trainer.

3. Exercise to make your vag tighter

Exercise improves the blood flow throughout the body and your heart pumps more blood in blood veins and improved circulation enhances the natural cell regeneration process and thus the muscles get tightened.

4. Healthy Approach

It is advised to eat lots of organic fruits and green vegetables so that your whole body gets sufficient nourishing substances. Eat 2 cups of yogurt daily its very beneficial for vagina health , doctors says that it releases some antibacterial chemicals which makes vagina healthy by maintain normal neuro genital health . It also balances the Ph level in your body

5. Orgasm

If you are sexually active woman then orgasmic climax would be a great help for you to tighten your vagina. Scientifically, the orgasm actually contracts the pelvic muscles. If you have orgasms on a daily bases then it always keeps you vagina tight.

6. Myotaut Serum

Myotaut is ‘my vaginal tightening secret’ I read about Myotaut on internet while searching for a complete solution for vaginal issues. Myotaut is renowned for its faster results and nice comfortable smell. it has special extracts that makes vaginal smaller and tighter. Apply daily for 2–3 weeks then you will experience amazing changes, i got tons of emails and reviews from my viewers saying this ‘miracle serum changed my vagina’ some of them said this is one of the best ‘ways to keep vag tight’. They all have used it and gained benefits in a short span of time and experienced sudden enhancement in pleasure while sexual intercourse and longer better action in bed. ‘This serum will tighten vagina’

7. Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty refers to any procedure performed to vagina, most commonalty it includes resection or removal of exes lining of vagina along with tightening of vaginal muscles. Vaginoplasty Includes either pulling vaginal muscles closer together or removing any loose excess skin and scare tissus or some times both. Basically in the end it gives you a better functioning and tighter vagina which provide more comfort and better pleasure during sexual acts. But the hard part of ‘vaginoplasty procedure’ is that it takes weeks sometimes months to recover from surgery. The first week is very difficult, you feel so much pain in vagina and you might have to take pain medication for several weeks you can not engage yourself at all in any activity that include any physical movement of the lower part of the body and most important is that you cannot have sex for at least 3 months in a row. Doctors says that its easy to recover from surgery, where I don’t see anything easy in it at all.