Mysterious Disappearance Of Kelly Bergh Dove — Unsolved

A mysterious disappearance with no clues has long been a cold case in Virginia. Yet, the police reopened the case in 2020 to finally cover up the whole story and bring justice to the family.

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Kelly Bergh, born in 1962, was raised up by her parents Rachel and Fred Bergh, along with two other sisters, a brother and a foster sibling. When she was 15, she got pregnant with her daughter Tami and married Dale Dove, now she’s commonly known as Kelly Bergh Dove. As a child, she and her family would live in Harrisonburg, VA, but Kelly and her husband moved after their marriage in their own home only 20 minutes away from Kelly’s parents’ house. She soon started to work at the Imperial gas station on South Main Street, Route 11, in her hometown Harrisonburg. Her other sisters also worked at the gas station. Though it was Kelly’s plan to join community collage at age 20 in order to give her daughter Tami a better life in the future, she could never carry out this idea. Because, all of a sudden, Kelly disappeared on June 18th, 1982.

Her sister and Kelly swapped the night shift in the Imperial gas station on the night of June 17th to June 18th. Kelly wore on this night cream-colored slacks and a light-colored blouse with pinstripes. It was quite a busy night around the summer break holidays, but she found the time to call her mother at midnight. Kelly would never miss a day without calling her family, but this call was the last time Kelly and her mother Rachel would talk to each other. Rachel told the police later that nothing seemed unordinary during the call. At 2.27AM, a 911 call reached the Harrisonburg Police Department.

A young woman told the dispatcher, “I just had an obscene phone call. The guy came in earlier and he was kind of dressed improperly, but I kind of ignored him.” It’s not clear what Kelly exactly meant with “improperly dressed”, but her mother Rachel later assumed that the customer exposed himself in front of Kelly, but she was uncomfortable to tell that on the 911 call. Only a few minutes later, Kelly Bergh Dove made a second 911 call in which she noticed that “a silver colored Ford” with the same male in it, who made the obscene phone call, was standing in the parking lot. The tape of this call is at some points skipped for some reason, but a sense can be taken by what Kelly means. The call ends with her asking for police officers to look for her. The last and final 911 call by Kelly Bergh Dove was made at 2.31AM on June 18th, 1982 — the last time that someone would hear or notice something of Kelly.

Once again, the 20 year old woman asks for help by the police. Kelly’s mother later stated that her daughter would sound in each call more and more afraid. Two minutes later, police officers reached the Imperial gas station without any trace of where Kelly could be. The police officers were only two minutes too late, according to the Police Department, because the last call by Kelly was made only two minutes before. Everything that belonged to Kelly Bergh Dove was left behind in the gas station. A magazine or a book, which she was reading before, was left behind open and also a purse with her belongings. The gas station itself was left untouched, there were no signs of robbery or that a fight between some people could have occurred. Due to this fact, it is assumably believed that the abductor was armed with a gun or other weapons. This is also supported by the fact that Kelly, according to her sister Elaine, was a human that would defend herself in the matter of getting assaulted.

The crime scene was claimed by some to be treated “poorly”, as the police didn’t take finger prints or investigated for possible evidence. Although people mean it is almost impossible for the police to distinguish between finger prints of all the people who were in the gas station. The family of Kelly Bergh Dove was informed about the disappearance of her and they went to the Imperial gas station. The younger sister Elaine checked out everything around the gas station, but there were no clues of Kelly. New hints of the whereabouts of Kelly were unsuccessful and the case remains unsolved to this day. But what are the theories for the disappearance of Kelly Bergh Dove?

The parents of Kelly believe that a former high school classmate of her could be responsible for the sudden disappearance. The name of this person is not known to the public but it is claimed that there are records of them doing obscene phone calls and indecent exposure. Kelly Bergh Dove’s sister added that they would also drive a silver colored Ford. Nevertheless, people state that Kelly would have mentioned in the 911 call when she knew the individual that acted offensive. Though it could also be that Kelly did not recognize the person. The person was never charged by the police because there were no specific evidences.

One user on Reddit, who wrote a comment under an article regarding the case of Kelly Bergh Dove, wondered if Kelly was not the intended person of the abductor “since she had switched or picked up the shift for her sister”. They claim that the sister could have been the planned victim of the abductor and harassed her in prior phone calls. Indeed, Kelly’s sisters confirmed that it is not uncommon to receive harassing and offensive phone calls during their night shifts. Though it is also likely that these obscene phone calls are made by drunk people. However, the harassing phone calls stopped after Kelly’s disappearance abruptly for six weeks only then to start again. Some people claim that the phone calls stopped because the abductor of the 20 year old Kelly was responsible for these or they stopped, so random people don’t lead the attention by the police on them.

Another user on Reddit wrote that Kelly could have become victim of human trafficking, also because Kelly was not the only disappearance around the 1980’s in that county. However, Detective Brooke Wetherell said to WHSV “We don’t have anything to suggest that she specifically was targeted.”

Some years have passed without any clues of Kelly. Four years after the disappearance of Kelly Bergh Dove, garbage was unloaded from the School Street Transfer Station in Richmond at Chesterfield, VA, and the people found the remains of a human body. The body was not complete, some parts of it were not found and as it was impossible to identify at first. The corpse got the name “Jane Doe”, common for unidentified bodies. People in the case of Kelly Bergh Dove had the hope that the human remains belonged to her, due to the similar description. Although 34 years later, in 2020, the body was identified as Christy Lynn Floyd from Richmond.

That was another hint for the whereabouts of Kelly that led to nowhere. The family of Kelly Bergh Dove continues the search for their sister, daughter and mother. One of Kelly’s sisters created a Facebook page called “Never Forget Them”through which she hopes to keep the attention of cold cases alive. Kelly’s daughter Tami herself has two children now but she doesn’t talk about her mother anymore.

In 2022 the disappearance of Kelly Bergh Dove will be 40 years ago. The Harrisonburg Police Department and her family still hope for clues by the folks in her vanishing.



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