3 reasons Donald Trump will make a good Corporate Manager


Love or loathe him, Donald Trump is an ingenious entrepreneur with strong charisma and stellar leadership qualities. Irrespective of your bias towards him, Donald has been prosperous in business.

The business world is quite acquainted with him for his tremendous success in the real estate industry. Also, he rings a bell to mainstream America with the infamous ‘The Apprentice’ television reality show and more recently as the president of the United States.

However, few have queried his managerial prowess and believe his wealth is not necessarily a product of managerial ‘masterclass’ but sheer opportunity. Here are 3 good reasons Trump will make a good Corporate Manager.

He has the experience: For someone who has been in business for over 3 decades, Trump has the requisite managerial experience for success. Add to that the fact that he has had a hand in his family’s real estate business since he was an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. Experience is an indubitable requirement for managerial success and that cannot be taken away from him.

He has a firm resolve: Trump believes himself as a “tough guy” who can always get whatever he desires using power, money, and corporate networking. This quality has great appeal to staff within an organization. The belief that we can be successful when we so desire is essential to corporate managerial and organizational success.

He’s an aggressive negotiator: For someone with the mantra “It’s give-and-take. But it’s gotta be mostly take. Because you can’t give. You gotta mostly take.” Trump always proclaims his ability to make good deals. This is also another recipe for managerial and corporate success.

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