My 34 Followers will not Notice This

I am participating in a program by YaLa Academy. We learn blogging and citizen activism. We had an assignment 3 weeks ago to write about a special moment in life and how it changed our views on life. The assignments were posted on the FB page for YaLa and received comments by other group members and staff. The 2nd assignment due today is to improve on the 1st post with a view to the comments.

I read my first post today and here is what I think. If I start re-writing the post today, it will become a different thing altogether. If I start improving it (and how do I know it is improved?), it will become a new post. Which I can do easily. But isn’t the whole point of blogging about writing what you feel strongly about at the moment you feel it? Which means that apart from some obvious mistakes you just leave it as it is. It is a footstep, thoughts in the past, true to that moment.

Also, if you wrote something at the moment you felt it, you had the strongest feelings and could reach the highest pitch then. Since this is the highest note you are able to strike, all later reworkings would only lower it. So, what’s the point of doing that? You can only make it duller, less rough and, therefore, more artificial.

Of course, I understand that in order to learn you need to change, correct, etc. But maybe the solution is to take the comments into consideration and work on your next post?

So, in a way I am making an assumption about the purpose of blogging which is to capture the fleeting moment, your emotions and thoughts in response to it. As opposed to, say, a book, which is a fixed thing, it’s printed on paper, money is spent and this thing is here to stay.

And this brings us to the next question: who am I writing for? Myself or the audience? If I write a book, if I post on a corporate blog, there is an implied audience and yes, I have a duty to that audience to make it as good as I can. But if I am writing in a personal space in Medium with only 34 followers who will likely not even notice this post, then there is no duty. There is no pressure to comply, therefore no fear of not being able to.

Who will answer this?

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