Today I did something I haven’t done for ages

I helped people have something they needed. I could give it to them easily, without effort. And I dedicated my morning to that, without any charge or expectation. In my busy “entrepreneurial” life I don’t remember doing this for years. It didn’t feel good, it didn’t feel any particular way but now, in the evening, I find myself in an interesting and puzzling state of mind.

Somehow I want to remember this feeling of expecting nothing from these people. If they want something and I can do it, I will do it, if they don’t, I won’t. Whatever their choice, I am OK with it, I will move the way they want me to. I have no agenda of my own. It is their domain, their choice, their will.

Somehow I want to be able to have this sort of attitude to other things and dealings, with other people. A major project coming up. I need to present my vision, I will present it, something simple, just enough to understand what I mean, for those who need to understand. After that, I will step away. If they want it, I’ll do it. So simple.

Light and easy like dandelion seeds I loved to blow when I was a little girl. People have a choice, they will do as they will and I will do as I will. I am not their brain, sometimes I do not know where my own brain is.

I understand the saying now:

If you accept, things take their natural course. If you don’t accept, things take their natural course.

These people in the morning, they needed the thing I could make, they didn’t have the money, they didn’t pay. I’ll get paid somewhere, somehow.

Other people don’t need whatever I can do, I won’t do it, they won’t pay. I’ll get paid somewhere, somehow.

The future is by definition a time (or place?) where things will happen that have never happened. It is to bring things I cannot even imagine. No use getting scared or sensing danger. When I imagine something I’m scared of or something I want badly, I block my energy and narrow the possibility down to probability. Why? I have no means of guessing what is playing out for me right at this moment, right in this place.

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what.” Arthur Eddington

*This story is part of a series of stories exploring the road to creating new ways of being, free of anger and full of awareness for myself, my family, my environment and my business.

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