PRESENT NIGERIAN STATE (ascerpts from Boko Haram)

The Nigerian story is expressively that of a nation that approves and doles out its own ‘versioned’ justice in a very uneasy manner, which doesn’t appeases any of the people really. It is a duplicity that fostered the nations colossal failure in its combined efforts, making the membership of its people insignificant and trivial.

The people’s honest triumph of labour, the varied effect of that against the diverse sort of hardships they suffer and the seeming effectiveness of the people’s reliance on corrupt practices and segregation amongst themselves, sum up how their resulting approaches have all failed. But the lingering damage these leaves in their wake, incredibly doesn’t deter them. The highly proclaimed effect of diverse personalities on Nigerians’ orientations, which aren’t disguised in the blatant tribalism, regionalism and ethnicity that surround it all, merges in a vastly imitated robustly parochial manner that is sincerely different, and reveals a rich sick nation.

The ailment is highly infectious and has caught on across the board, with the original secluded primitive cultures and indigenous communities preferring to stick to their strict adherence to tribal and religious codes of justice. They aspire to modern logic but only choose the versions that don’t seem to threaten their old beliefs while ignoring aspects of the more enlightened justice of civilized Western literacy which do. They have as a result rendered their resultant laws powerless and ill-equipped to resolve their kind of complex issues like they would prefer to have them handled. They end up with an inedible meal with everything in it.

Justice thus comes across as a term many times misunderstood, but it simply means the legal satisfactory end to any dispute. It strangely doesn’t bothered those who advocate this system that it is wrong to mislead themselves, being consoled that it was justified and communally popular, like true justice ought to be.

The style of justice they familiarize themselves with only produces more skepticism, through a labyrinth of literate minds, yearning to be more like the Western nations they admire. But there are more of these grotesque escapades of justice anon in the ancient traditional history of this nation than is readily revealed. The nation’s old infantile conflicts and wars were lodged not on some humble scholarly petitions, but were simply clear practical verdicts of selfish quests of old.

This renewed desire that appears to appeal to their sense of harsh fairness, through a seemingly cruel one-sided justice, was thus readily accepted by the sections that find them beneficial, those who consider it represents their interests with an instant prove of its swift successes. It is however just the calm before the inevitable storm. The nation has always been building towards a violent crescendo.

The freest nation’s forefathers enjoyed the clearest conscience and they had gone ahead to leave the freest legacy. But those who left their future descendants wary of an uncertain future had condemned them to eternal discomfort. The future of the Nigerian statehood, based on these parameters, is being shaped by its more recent history and that is based on blatant hurried elimination of its commonest representation of justice in preference for a more personal freedom.

New generations are persuaded by a living, styled in a subtle air of theoretical faith. That is how tragic it has revealed to be. New generations of Nigerians follow through on this shaky foundation of their founding fathers and likewise ignore to harmonize into their laws. The nation’s founding fathers instead chose to assemble the mightiest arsenal of excuses that can be seen to be doomed, to end in a fruitless spade of upheavals. Until there is the will to readily acknowledge the helplessness of this folly, the nation can only forge onward without a formidable design for that tangible loud cheering presence of freedom. Two hundred million Nigerians would look set to suffer the grief of endless listless pointless trials. Sadly though, the rest of the world is following in this nature with the increase in conservatism.

Boko Haram; Western Values Are Forbidden

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