Focus on a constitution that protects the unrepresented and the new entrant. Don’t let the lottery winner write the rules for the lottery. Foster competitive governance, like China did in establishing Shenzhen. Imagine an FDA-free zone. I heard Paul Romer say something interesting about charter cities: “Shenzhen did not exist in 1980. Today it has 10 million people, and the highest income per capita in China. China set up Shenzhen as a place where foreign firms can come in and exploit Chinese labor. They told the people of China, ‘If you don’t like that, don’t go there.’ It was an opt-in city driven by market choice. Now imagine a new city forming with the charter that it will burn no solid or liquid fuel. Or a new city in India founded with the charter that women will be free and they will be safe. If you disagree with these principles, don’t move there.”
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