Macron: A new face for a despised old system

Yasser Louati: “Macron is the new face of a despised old system”

The new president was not even elected by the majority of voters and, among those who voted for him, 60 percent voted for him because they had no other alternative. So, Emanuel Macron is president by default not by adherence,”

“People are fed up and sick and tired of being lied to. [Politicians] come, make promises, get elected by default, and then apply policies that work for the rich and powerful,”

Emanuel Macron is only the latest child of this… despised political system. One of the dangerous measures that he has called for is for him to rule by executive orders throughout the summer in order to bypass unions and any opposition during the summer vacation. That tells us that the upcoming months will be high tense in France and there is no sign of appeasement when it comes to social and economic policies,”