Marketers : stop spamming, go inbound !

Spammers and other outbound Marketers know it well : how to send you repetitive and inappropriate offers, spoil your moments without no idea of the purpose, the context and the target…I’m saying that because i’m receiving daily a large amount of inmails (Linkedin) and mails (Gmail) about products and services that i’m not interested about.

This out-of-date method called outbound Marketing which was widely used by Marketers in the beginning of the web and still in use by others who can’t switch to inbound Marketing is getting very irritating especially when addressed to Millenials.

Dear Marketers,

New generations don’t want Hard sell, intrusive ads and cold email. They want added value, Advertainement, Advergames and other contents with purpose according to a context (Place, time, event,…).

You can’t build trust without listening before speaking to your targets.

Listening is the key.

Listen, learn, produce, publish, Listen, Analyse,… should be your virtuous cercle. I know you have short term objectives to achieve. I know that your target is composed, especially in emerging countries of illiterate people,… but those are not excuses to avoid content and Inbound Marketing. Those are not justification to escape listening !

When you listen to your audience, in social media or whatever else, you start acting smartly, you start learning about your audience and producing the right content to be addressed to the right audience at the right moment.

This is not a dream,

This is the way to go and this is the methodology already in use by millions of inbound and content marketers all around the world. The transition is difficult especially for serial spammers i agree but it is just a matter of time before they switch from this very bad habit.

Irritated, i just addressed a message to my indian contacts on Linkedin (BTW, a very good content and Inbound tool for B2B purpose) :

Dear Marketers,

Please stop with this very bad habits and go inbound !

Principles of Inbound Marketing:

Attract instead of attack : Here you’ll need to be attractive instead of being agressive, intrusive and event violent ! Attractiveness is a matter of DNA, values, Mindset, leadership but also of the content you can produce and share about all that.

Convert into leads instead of convince : The conversion of strangers into leads is a matter of lead nurturing with the right content at the right moment with the adequate form in a perfect landing page.

Close to customers instead of harassing them : Now that you have the fuel, i mean the data, you can drive smoothly your leads into your house and convert them into customers.

Delight customers instead of continually looking for new ones : Your customers are your highest wealth and your natural ambassadors. Don’t forget to take care of them by post sell perks and actions.

The Inbound methodology according to Hubspot

Dear Marketers,

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