When Moroccan meet Libanese

Even if Morocco and Lebanon are separated by a distance of thousands of miles, moroccans et lebanese share several cultural an historical aspects. Remember that the phinicians were one of the first civilizations to come to Morocco in order to build ports and establish trade relations.

Also, the two countries share the French occupation heritage with a huge impact on the language, architecture and lifestyle. Both countries have renown cuisines, Mediterranean landscapes and background (olives, figues, cedar, mountains,…). The two countries emerged from big regions (Cham (middle-east) & Maghreb) and have been deeply influenced by several cultures such as the Arabic-Islamic civilization but also European and Asian ones.

Nowadays, Lebanese and Moroccans share another passion : the musical underground scene. They co created some good stuff like this wonderful duet gathering Zahra Hindi and Machrou’ Leila :

And also this wonderful live performance from Jazzablanca festival bringing together Ibrahim Maalouf (trumpet) and Othman ElKheloufi (saxophone).

Those are just two samples of how different cultures can communicate and co create together at the age of the internet, where a new generation of workers and artists can do things together beyond borders in the global village even with wars and endless geopolitical issues.

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