A Dream

I am a 16 year old boy from France but we moved to morroco after my mom got sick and died of cancer. My dad abandoned me before I was even born, then my mother got sick. and now i live with my uncle .

I want to get away from my uncle because he abused me, he makes me miss school so i go work. I’m in the 12th grade and it’s really important for me to go to school but he doesn’t let me. My uncle is an alcoholic and he always beat me if i don’t get back home with money, he kicked me out of the house so many times.

I’ve had a very difficult childhood and i’m trying to improve my life before it too late.

I’ve tried a lot of stuff called the police and the local authorities but no one would help me they only returned me back to him when i run away from him i even tried to suicide but nothing workes with me as always .

Well a great man suggested at me to start a blog and try to look for someone to sponsor my journey. so i did it and here i am.

So please if anyone can help me with anything please do please.