Automated monitoring of subdomains for fun and profit — Release of Sublert

Yassine Aboukir
Mar 10 · 7 min read

What’s Sublert?

What’s up?

How to set up?

$ git clone && cd sublert
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
$ sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt 
Slack channels
Incoming webhooks
Linking Webhook with Slack workplace
Editing to add webhooks
$ python -u
Add PayPal to the monitored list.
$ chmod u+x
$ Crontab -e
0 */12 * * * cd /root/sublert/ && /usr/bin/python -r -l >> /root/sublert/sublert.log 2>&1


$ python -l -r

Sublert notifications on Slack
Sublert couldn’t find any new subdomains
$ python -u
$ python -d
$ python -a
$ python -t 30
$ python -r
$ python -l
$ python -m

Sublert isn’t perfect, right?

Is there a roadmap?

Feedback and issues?

Yassine Aboukir

Written by

Wearing a security analyst hat at HackerOne by day and put on my hacking pants at night ( Tweet @ yassineaboukir

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