A Five Minute Note From Jesus:

If ever you feel lost, store your heart where it finds the temperature alright. Some hearts like it warm, like before crosses on Friday evenings where the warm light beams upon its Saviour. For others, they like them chilled in the freezer, sipped in reckless midnights alone where they can stop pretending that they need sweaters.

Some want hugs, though, but their bestfriends aren’t often there on weekends. One is faraway in another city, another far from the heart, and the rest swim like schools of fish squandering a fabric of pretentious wordplay- but they’re not what you need on nights like these. For one who faces dawns like dusk, you should know better.

When will you forgive yourself? Many a time has the sun waved to get your attention, but you don’t look up the sky often. My arms are wide open for the things that can’t embrace you. Here I am now playing with your poetry, in hopes that in time, perhaps after two more beer cans and stupid mistakes, you will finally accept that I will love you nonetheless.

Oh, child, can you let me love you? Look at my cross. What more do you need?

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