Blockchain is a global distributed ledger that enables exchanges between peers without need for any intermediary. It ability to help issue trade, manage and service assets in a secure and reliable manner makes it very outstanding.

So also one barrier to blockchain adoption is in the complexity of converting legacy technology over to blockchain. Payments, assets digitazation and sales are all processes well suited for blockchain conversion and represent foundational change of next generation economics but the complex nature is causing hindrance to this new revolution.


Hyperbridge is building protocols on blockchain that will support product & digital asset marketplaces, licensing and secure crowdfunding. These tools will enable creators to bring their projects to life. It’s like Steam met Kickstarter and had a blockchain baby with superpowers.


This is an adaptive digital platform for next-generation content deployment. It will be the first economy powered by Hyperbridge protocols.

BlockHub is set to implement blockchain technology and bring creators and users together. This will help to remove the barriers developers face in getting their product the marketplace.

Market Size

Almost close to 2.5 billion users come together to form a lively market environment that usually worth $110 billion per annum and it usually grow on yearly basis. The Gaming usually grow through the use of gadgets such as PC, mobile, VR and also through sports. By 2020, the industry is predicted or expected of 6.5% increase/growth that is $128.5 billion worth

The BlockHub creators are expected to benefit through the following ways:

For Content Creator

1.Easy conversion of projects supported through blockchain infrastructure. There is acceptability of cryptocurrency creation, storage and management access.

2. Utilization of machine learning techniques to create business initiative related to transactions and industry wellness.

3. The payment is usually 30% lower than payment rates on other platform (marketplaces).


The consumers of the platform always experience the following benefits :

1.The platform always accurately manage in the form of currency in their confirmed wallets. Applications are explore, download and launched through UI /UX and this make the task of transaction performance to be easy.

2. Users always have timely access to games and applications that they wish to make use of.

3. The platform consumers will have access to growing varieties of goods, services and their experience will be distinct.

Hyperbridge Token (HBX)

HBX (Hyperbridge token) will power the Hyperbridge protocols and the token will be used for payments on the Hyperbridge platform. ERC-20 is the standard used in building the HBX and it is also used to create standard micro economies on the Ethereum platform. Download whitepaper here.

The first place where the HBX can be used is the marketplace and payment gateways in the BlockHub.The BlockHub gives access to a lot of tokens and HBX is the superior to all other tokens. HBX fuels the BlockHub economy due to the fact that it can be used for various transactions.

The Hyperbridge gateway and BlockHub environment also provide the following advantages:

1.Ability to partake in BlockHub present and future economies.

2.Ability to vote to elect district leaders through application for marketplace.

3.The platform is managed in a way that all its participants will benefit.

Funds generated by Hyperbridge are usually allocated to Hyperbridge Reserve. Everyday about 0.5% of tokens in their reserve will be sold out to the platform consumers in order to generate fund. The tokens generated from sales as profits will be used towards the growth and development of the platform. HBX tokens are meant to be used on the platform for transactions alone. (Download whitepaper here)


BlockHub through its digital contents has made it possible to function comprehensively as a platform. Users of BlockHub platform can search and download applications. Hyperbridge token (HBX) will be used to power the BlockHub. The Hyperbridge token will be use to originate better economic phase for the benefit of buyers and sellers on the platform.

BlockHub digitise the publishing of contents for making use of Software Development Kits (SDKs) to gain licensing, Digital Resource Management (DRM), payment services. The SDKs is used by developers to ensure that their dream projects come to reality.

BlockHub platform features

Through various protocols and software Development kits (SDKs) in the BlockHub, developers can initiate their projects from scratch to finish. They can also do the following using this platform:

* Initiate and maintain publishing recognition.

* Creation and maintained of Project details

* Initiate advertisement through bounties.

* Create and manage revenue mechanism

Funding Protocols and Crowd Funding

BlockHub customers can scrutinise projects appraisal and support projects by donating cryptocurrency, in doing these they are referred to as “contributors”.Those contributors are usually given a section to express their opinion in relation to milestone completion. All the contributors will be daily notified once a developer completes a milestone for approval /disapproval. The funding protocol allows BlockHub to avoid issues such as fraud relating to crowd funding platforms.This has helped to eliminate middlemen.

Compared with other Platforms

This platform can be compared and contrasted with other platform. Although the platform do not have direct rival in the conventional or blockchain ecosystem. Many platforms offers distinct services, the process of building protocol is to make things become more tighter. The rivals are listed below:







*Humble bundle



The wallet is the ultimate piece of innovation in the BlockHub environment. The wallet will enable consumers to select between d’apps and games, verify account balance, purchase and sell token among their fellow. The benefits of this secured integrated wallet is that it eliminate third-party thereby reducing the cost of transactions.

Public Token Sale

The public sale of token of Hyperbridge will commence on November 11th, 2018. During the sale, 30% of the HBX will be sold to the public, 5% to the private. Also bonafide KYC consumers will be able to convert ETH to HBX. Hyperbridge will launch the platform on November 10th 2018, during which 30% of the available 1,000,000,000 HBX will be purchaseable over a month. Any unsold tokens will be distributed evenly to token holders. An additional 10% will be available in the platform to support future demand, and the remaining 10% will be sold in 2019 and 2020.

Profits from the public selling of tokens will be used for developing the network, market, running, research and development of Hyperbridge.

Hyperbridge will generate revenue through the various stages. The funds will be used to elaborate the team of developers. In order to proceed the development, there will be private token sale to early accredited consumers.

HBX token will initially launch on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 compatible token. The token will be to utilize the protocols and the BlockHub platform (operating fees, membership, etc). In the future, HBX will be implemented on other blockchains, at which time they will become convertable. Tokens will be burned during conversion, so as to maintain the token supply (1 billion).

Persistent Token Sale

The Hyperbridge platform have a stable reserve HBX that will be sold. This reserve will be funded with 100,000,000 HBX. There will be reserve contract increment through the acquired HBX that has been used for buying within the BlockHub ecosystem. A particular percentage of reserved HBX will be sold on the platform to users base on demand for it.

Advantages of Hyperbridge Token

1.It can be used across multiple jurisdictions, retaining a single method of payment.

2. Using a blockchain/smart contract based token enables the perfect crowdfunding platform, where tranches are released when agreed milestones have been reached.

3. It makes it possible for developers to manage incentives in a way that drives ecosystem effects for the benefit of all participants in BlockHub.

Use of Fund

The motive of Hyperbridge is to use their profits as mentioned above and the major use of the funds will be towards the enlargement of the Hyperbridge team and promotion. Also the funds is allocated as listed below:

10% to legal affairs.

40% for development of products.

20% for marketing

10% will go for administration.

5% for information technology.

10% will be used for operating the platform.

The remaining 5% is for auditing and security compliance.



For more information on Hyperbridge, please use any of the following link:

Whitepaper: https://hyperbridge.org/whitepaper

Website: https://hyperbridge.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HyperbridgeTech/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hyperbridge

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18307788/

Telegram: https://t.me/hyperbridgechat

Medium: https://medium.com/hyperbridge

Youtube:https: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbtt3DC0vdXdgif7q-JWd-Q?view_as=subscriber

Writer’s details:

Bounty0x name : Fadipe Abiola

Bounty0x username : aby

“This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x”



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