Island In the Sun, Episode Hamilton: Before the Commencement Training

“I guess a bad day here (in Hamilton) is still much better than the one in Melbourne” said the lady I met when we were waiting for the free bus in front of One Tree Hill café which was facing towards the sea. I had my simple breakfast there, a cup of cappuccino and a raspberry muffin. The blue bus was one of the facilities provided by the company group and it’s free for all staffs. I could not agree or disagree but smile with what the lady said. It’s just my second day in Hamilton Island. I flew from Melbourne on Monday (September the 4th) and had an hour transit in Brisbane. I’m undoubtedly happy and excited, that goes without saying, I just won’t jinx anything.

I’m here for working in hospitality and the hotel I’ll be working in gave me a contract to stay in the island for minimum six months. They said there’s a possibility to extend the contract. I’m not sure about that though, because I love Melbourne so much and have been thinking about going back long before I went here. Let’s just see!

Today, all new employees are free to enjoy the island before the first day of work tomorrow. It will take place in a college which welcomes anyone who wants to develop and improve their personal and professional skills. I myself decided to just wander around since morning and cruised in a boat to the main land, Airlie Beach, to pick up some bedding equipment. During this little trip, I played Island In The Sun by Weezer from Spotify, listening to the lyrics, melody while enjoying the breezy wind, the warm sunshine, and the vibes in general. The song has been my soundtrack of life here in Australia since I landed the first time in Melbourne on April 2017.

Here are the pictures from today. I apologise if the quality is not that good because I used my iPhone 4.