Respected Yatin Kulkarni Sir,
Nish Rao

I guess now its my turn to state that you have not understood my argument in its entirety. If you were to extend my line of reasoning further the only logical conclusion to draw would be that the entire human race is guilty of being vain and hypocritical in everything we do. Simply put we have invented a set of moral values and the corresponding social structures to go with them that put our bodies in a constant state of conflict with our minds and our souls suffer in the process. The fortunate few amongst us are those with exceptional skills are producing goods and services that can be consumed by others and those with equally exceptional skills and extremely flexible moral fiber who can benefit from the misery and suffering of others.

Anyways lets get back to the next step in this discussion and try and put our money where our mouths are. I am suggesting that paying taxes and following the prevailing civic rules and laws to a reasonable limit is sufficient contribution for most of us. I personally do not have the requisite skills and more importantly the appetite to try and change the system on a grander scale. In Computer Science parlance I would state that the problem of bringing about systemic changes to our current predicaments is a NP Hard problem that with the increasing population is simply outside of our collective abilities to address. Please do read my blog post wherein I have attempted to list out a few actionable changes. I would welcome your thoughts in the matter and more importantly expect a similar set of actionable suggestions that we could try and take to the market so as to say. Back to you.