Lazy Day Stream of Consciousness

I think my Medium feed is turning into some mixture of “hate you, Trump” and “things which will make you a better person/worker/hipster” stuff…

I am just starting out here and the thing is I have no tags related to politics in my profile settings. Somehow even my across-the-pond feed is rather overreacting.

As for the subject of self-development, there are some great things popping up, but mainly the advice on anything goes as follows:

Set a big vision and turn it into a real thing step-by-step.

Well, somehow everybody fails to suggest an action plan for the case when you are still thinking over the big vision: there simply might be several scenarios you are still pondering over and you are just unable to discard some in favor of others because all of them deserve to be treated with respect at least in your head.

The big vision tends to shift in my mind all the time — there are just too many things I would mark with the same flag of priority for tomorrow/for the next year/for the whole life ahead.

So my only ambition now is to find the way to move forward in the flood of aspirations and decide what really matters.

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