Week 3 — PES Fall Conference & Identity Flower

Over this weekend all PES students were required to attend a fall conference at the McNamara Alumni Center. Here we all 540 PES scholars got to get together and meet up. We first met up all together and then separated into our peer mentor groups following with some break out sessions with different topics.

My peer mentor was Harrison and in that group we got to take a picture with a sign that had 3 words we thought would represent our upcoming college years.

Eva — worthwhile, tough, memorable

I chose the words worthwhile, tough, and memorable because even though college is for sure tough to get through I know in the end it will worthwhile and a memorable 4 years of my life. So I placed the 2 positive words outside of the 1 semi-negative word.

We also had to write a letter to ourselves. I am quite curious to see in 4 years what the little freshmen had to say to the now graduating me. I think as a first-generation college student I think being in this group is definitely helpful especially since I do not know anything. Being associated in this group definitely helps open up my eyes to the opportunities and chances I could take.

The conference overall was a great experience, however the one downside would have to be having to commute to campus on a weekend. As a commuter student who takes the bus to school, it is apparent that the MVTA buses to campus do not operate on weekends. So in order to get to campus I had to ride the light rail. It got the job down, however it was almost double the normal transportation time, if I could have taken the bus.

This brings me to this week in the CLA first year experience class. We talked about our own identity and even filled out our own identity flower. Here is one I recreated with Piktochart:

Eva — Identity flower

Being a first-year minority student a lot of issues discussed in class about discrimination, oppression, etc. from our identities has been quite obvious to me. However, I do not believe those experiences will put me down, it would only build me up to be stronger. And honestly, It’s what makes me unique.

Some may ask, did those negative experiences close some metaphorical windows for you? Sure, maybe it has. But all I know is I am trying to take advantage of all the opportunities/resources I can to help my future career and more importantly find out who I really am.