Mediocristan Vs Extremistan, which one shall be chosen?

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According to Nassim Taleb, the world could be divided into the safe and comfort Mediocristan, and the unsafe and improbable Extremistan. The world of mediocristan belongs to all non-risk-takers, mediocre people. In contrast, the extremistan belongs to all risk takers, rebels, misfits, to the people who see things differently. Regarding the Black Swans, the mediocristan is impervious to them, while they are the most current events at extremistan. Mediocristan profoundly depends on the time and gravity, and escalating is hard and even rare. However, at extremistan everything is subject to alter in a blink of an eye. In other words, there is no mediocre status at the extremistan: Either you are a complete winner, or you are a complete loser. You might escalate, as your status will not depend on the time or gravity.

So, my big question is the possibility of switching between these two worlds. Is it possible or even feasible to leave one for another in the time of disaster? Let me be more precise. Let’s suppose that we are living at extremistan, trying to be a complete winner. However, we could feel from the events that we achieved a pyrrhic victory. The glory will be vanished soon, and we feel miserable as a loser again. Should we change to the world and get back to the safe zone, or we need to try again to be a complete winner? Is it better if somebody first builds a safe zone at the mediocristan, save 10% of that, and then invest the 90% at extremistan? How much do we trust in someone who is not able to build a safe zone to prosper at the unsafe and improbable zone? However, if I will not be a complete winner, just in case, I have 10% to rebuild my safe zone again, rehabilitate and recover, and then plan an assault to the land of unknown Black swans. I would like to emphasise again on the one last question: Is it possible to manage to build a life at the unsafe zone if we never have learnt it in the safe zone? Are they related? Or they are entirely and naturally different? I suppose that I will not predict the extremistan based on the status of the mediocristan. However, I will try to answer the life-defining question: Mediocristan Vs Extremistan, which one shall be chosen?

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