The Journey of the middle passage

Cary Bean was a Captain of a ship called Teddy. I’m the wife of Cary Bean, and so I wanted to go on board with him because I couldn’t be alone in land while he was in the wild ocean. I packed our bags and we went on board. We had to sail some Africans to the New World. We only agreed to it because we thought it was going to be as any other normal shipment. But we were VERY wrong.

As I see the white men Brutally chaining the black’s and sending them under the boat. I was able to hear crying, yelling and just those sounds of pain each time I looked at them all chained up. I was very curious but confused about the situation. But outof nowhere Africans were put to work for others. I Kaylie Karen didn’t see much of it until. We heard that we were called to do a shipment to the New World. It gave me tears just to see how the men were treated and it shocked me to see how people would react towards blacks.

The intense was so real that I was able to smell the sweat of all the men who were going on board. I could taste something salty in my mouth. I didn’t know if it was the air that hits the ocean or my guilt. It disgusted me to see how the white man can treat another person with such brutal and torture.There were two types of people during slavery. Never in my life I have seen such cruelty towards another human being. Those who did what they wanted to a human being and would just show straight up pain and torture. Then we have people who are forced to see such brutal and cruelty towards someone and who are forced to see because of the power of money and those who stay in the shadows just because all they can do is sit and watch the show because of the power of money. I never have seen such cruelty towards another human being.

The time came for our ship to hit the ocean. It had already been about three weeks since we left land and i’ve already seen some flogging and beating. Sometimes I would even heal and help those who have gotten flogged. It hurt me to see such cruelty towards them. There were two white men on board to make sure the delivery was complete. It was a normal and simple ordering around day. A man dropped a bag of wheat and the white men noticed it and so they were about to flog him. I thought it was going to be as any other flog that I was use to seeing such torture but this time it was different. I felt something warm inside glow up every second and my arms and it made my arms feel heavy. As the white men started to grab the whip to flog the man. I jumped in and I felt a little piece of the string hit me as I was holding the wrist of the man. I could feel all the attention on me. It all happened in a second and that I was trying to function what I just did. As I’m holding the man’s wrist I could already feel a little regret because I already new what the after effects were.

The white man looks at me as if I were the only one in the boat and his eyes gave me a chill on my spine. It felt for minutes although it was only for seconds. He pushed me away and made me fall on my feet while the other man looks at me and started flogging me. While I was getting flogged I saw the poor black man getting flogged more and more. It hurt me to see that more because I new it was my doing. I was getting flogged but I could barely feel the flogging because I kept on looking on the man. The white man looked at me as if I were the food on the table and as if he were letting me know I won’t get any mercy.

“Why would you want this just for a simple black person?” The white man said as he looks at me with a confused matter.

“I want whats right and your showing cruelty to an innocent person” I reply while staring at the man while i’m trying to sound more confident.

“Shall you have no respect? You’re really stubborn, well no matter because after this you will wish you were never born” the man says yelling as he gets ready to start flogging me again.

“I don’t regret my choices when their right and please tell me who do you think you are to tell people what to do if you yourself get bosses around” I say while looking at the other white men expecting another flogging.

“Release!!, I shall not waste my breath on a worthless woman who doesn’t know how life works” he replies while walking away.

“I shall die knowing I did good” I reply as they tie my hands and my legs together. The only death penalty they gave on a boat was throwing you off but you must be tied up. I already new what was going to happen to me. As the White men is done tying me up he pushes me to the edge of the boat. I see the water wave and I could barely feel my hands at this point. He had tighten them up so tight that I lost circulation fast. The white man throws me off the boat and all I could see was the wavy water with a little splash of sunlight. I look up as I take my last breath.