Every Last Jedi
Anil Dash

Anil, two things:

  • The movies never gave the impression that the Jedi claimed to own the Force. They always said that the Force was an energy that arose out of all living things. Btw, Leia was always Force-sensitive. I guess in the cinematic universe she chose not to pursue becoming a Jedi, as she had other priorities. But she didn’t become a Force-user out of nowhere, and I think all the movies show that most people are not Force-sensitive, let alone users.
  • The movies as a whole paint a pretty bleak picture of the Jedi. Ben Kenobi romanticised them to lure Luke into becoming one so he (Ben) could redeem his failure with Anakin, but literally every movie is about the various failures of the Jedi — their failure to stop the rise of Palpatine, the Clone Wars, Anakin becoming Vader, … the list goes on. So I think TLJ forces Luke and the audience to confront that directly, but it’s not saying anything that was never said before.
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