Letter to a Future Hybrid 214 Student

Dear future 214 student,

Welcome to this English 214 Hybrid class. It is different from your typical English class. In this class, you do not need to print out the essay and hand to your professor. You just need to post your blog post in medium and find more research on the computer and make sure you always cite your sources. I feel that Michael Shannon was undoubtedly the best teacher I have ever had. He is very extremely open and respectful of student’s ideas and opinions. He is also a pretty cool guy in general. He is very funny, very sarcastic, and enjoys his Big Gulps. Also, he lets you choose your own topic for your blog post. This class do not need to buy a textbook and one thing you really, really need to take note is to set a reminder for the due dates or continually check iLearn for the deadlines.

Next, you need to know that once your topic is chosen you can’t change it. So, you can choose something that interests you in, and for the whole semester, for all the blog posts you write will all be based of that one topic you chose. Also, you need to choose a topic that is relevant to today and is controversial as you will have to research both sides of the topic. And then, you need to remember that when you finish your blog post, you need to public on the medium. So, that people can see your post and give some advise.

At the end, he will give us a group and lets us choose the group name. You need to sit with your group mates for the whole semester. There are class discussions that get very lively so you will not fall asleep in this class. Also, he lets us play a game and this game will help us remember everyone’s names. So, we can know more from each other. I hope you all do well in his class and get A from his class.

Good luck

Yawen Zeng

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