Lots of viewers
Andrew Ma

The resonance of the content was an essential part of the argument made within the reading. For content to be shareable, it has to provide a reason, a motivation to share it with other people. The emotional aspect of the video, whether inciting anger, sadness, happiness, laughter, is critical to the success of the content. We looked at Susan Boyle’s viral video in class. While the content wasn’t necessarily funny, it was uplifting and hopeful and had a “wow” factor to it. Therefore, after watching the video you would feel compelled to share it with family and friends to share that same emotional experience that you had. In terms of fake news, I think that this is something that has become popularized recently, but can definitely be viral content. Simply look at the rumors surrounding the Clinton’s and the “Sex Dungeon in the Basement of a Pizza Parlor” conspiracy and you can see the rapidity with which such a story, without facts, can be spread as legitimate news on the internet.

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